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Balloon flights typically occur twice a day in this region – in the early morning hours (starting around dawn) and a few hours before sunset. These two times afford the calmest wind conditions and most stable weather for a safe and enjoyable flight. Morning flights are available year-round on weekends only (Saturday & Sunday).  Evening flights are available daily, year-round.

The following rules for your show-up/arrival time apply year-round:

“Morning Sunrise Flights” –
For morning flights plan on arriving at your launch location no later than twenty (20) minutes before official sunrise.

“Evening Sunset Flights” –
For evening flights plan on arriving no later than two (2) hours before official sunset.For your own planning purposes, click on this Sunrise & Sunset Calculator for our area.

Typically we take off and climb slowly to a few thousand feet. This gives everyone an opportunity to see many beautiful sights all at once. On a nice day with good visibility you can see the skylines of New York City and Philadelphia, and the Delaware Water Gap. Then we slowly descend and glide over corn and grain fields, lakes, meadows, forests and many other areas abundant with wildlife.

Not only can you, we strongly encourage you to do so. Video recorders are great also. But remember, we are not responsible for any damage to your personal photography equipment. If you bring friends or family along to watch, be sure they have the ability to take pictures of YOU during your flight.

The basket carries five average size passengers plus the pilot. If you have a larger group, we simply use additional balloons. Please let us know as much in advance if you have a large group, or if your guests have special physical needs or requirements.

There is no way to technically steer a hot air balloon. However, after a thorough analysis of current and forecast winds, we have a fairly good idea of any potential changes in wind speed and/or directions with changes in altitude. The bottom line is we go where the wind goes.

Typically, the temperature will be only slightly cooler with an increase in altitude. Certainly no extreme change at all. However, temperatures will be somewhat cooler in the early morning, as well as late evening, especially when the sun goes down. Dress accordingly as you would for any outdoor activity keeping in mind the time of year. Even during the summer, consider bringing a light jacket or sweater. Layering is certainly better than wearing one bulky piece of clothing. Please consider that on occasion we may land in fields where you may have to walk through some brush or foliage. We discourage open-toe shoes (sandals, flip-flops, etc.). Also, wear shorts at your own risk.

The gondola (basket) is made of a metal superstructure wrapped in woven wicker material. The envelope (balloon) is made of rip-stop nylon with Dacron stitching.

Balloons create lift by heating the air inside the envelope to a point where the difference between the outside air temperature and the inside envelope temperature is great enough to make the balloon buoyant. From there on it’s an exercise in varying the temperature to either increase temperature/buoyancy (climb) or decrease temperature/buoyancy (descend).

The flight will last approximately one hour. This time frame is a target and may vary based on a dynamic process of constantly assessing weather conditions, fuel analysis, amount of daylight remaining, or potential choices of landing sites. The Pilot-In-Command has the final responsibility and authority to make all decisions. We recommend you plan on spending about three hours with us. This includes the balloon setup, inflation, flight, packing the balloon and equipment after landing, then returning to the launch site for a champagne toast and snacks.

All pilots are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Furthermore, our pilots are rated as Commercial Pilots when giving hot air balloon flights or instruction.

Absolutely. Please feel free to call us and ask specific questions regarding insurance. We will be glad to enlighten you.

Yes. Weekends are typically the most popular times to take a flight. We recommend reserving a flight 2-3 weeks in advance of a weekend, and 1-2 weeks for a weekday flight. Please feel free to check for cancellations and openings for shorter reservation periods.

Yes. Gift certificates for a hot air balloon flight are excellent ideas for birthdays, retirement, graduation, anniversaries and numerous family and business related events. Simply fill out the reservation form and mark that it’s a gift certificate.

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