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Hot Air Ballooning


We cannot think of a better way to celebrate spring and all the glory of getting past winter then looking forward to a balloon ride! Come with us when the colors pop and the green takes over! Wipe off those cold memories and let us take you on an adventure to remember.
Enchanting!     Picturesque!     Unbelievable!

These are just a few of the words we frequently hear to describe a hot air balloon flight over beautiful NEW JERSEY.  And what better place to go on a hot air balloon flight than over historic Hunterdon County - the heart of New Jersey. Come out to "the country" and take an aerial voyage to explore the many sights and sounds of the great outdoors.  And see all of this at a pace and speed you rarely get to enjoy – slow and easy.

View the beautiful rolling hills of Hunterdon and Warren Counties while you look out for wildlife that is frequently spotted just below.  Wave to those on the ground excited to see you as you glide above.

Experience for yourself the spectacular feeling of viewing the landscape from your aerial platform - your "Nature Walk In The Sky!"

Hunterdon Ballooning - Take a Nature Walk in the Sky

Champagne Flights!
Campagne Flights
Trusting a 'once in a lifetime experience' to Hunterdon Ballooning is a smart choice.. We have thirty years of experience in sharing the magic of ballooning.

There is no better way to enjoy yourself A relaxed ride given by professionals who are the best at what they do..

Join us on a memorable experience that will last a lifetime!

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